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About Angelic Wrath
     Angelic Wrath is a small casual raiding guild. The charter of the guild is to try to make WOW as enjoyable for all.   
    We welcome all to join. "Common courtesy" rules are listed in  Guild's Rules/ Conduct section. 

    For those who interested in raiding, our normal raid times are Thurs and Friday starting at 10pm server. We normally raid about 5+ hours a week (2 hours on Thursday, and 3 hours on Friday), with the goal of completing raid content before the season ends, and perhaps dabble in a little heroics (or in WOD mythic raids). 

       We are currently looking to add a few more raiders for the upcoming WOD patch. Ideal candidates are people who are good raiders with mellow temperement and are committed to the guild. If interested feel free to contact either Destroyer/ Cherubim /Deâthbaby on this matter, or post a message in one of our forums. 
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